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I’m going to try to write this without trembling with emotion, not just because I’m going to talk about a new concert by Fortnite (which always becomes a memorable experience as already happened with the previous), but because the guest artist is one of those that I listen to regularly in my daily life. You have already read it in the headline: the battle royale will hold a new joint event with The Kid Laroi very soon. Next, I leave you with all the information you need to know about this crossover:

When is the new concert of The Kid Laroi in Fortnite?

  • There is no confirmed date yet, but The concert is expected to be held at the end of this same month of January
  • Previous leaks, as collected by the leaker known as HYPEX in his day, ensures that it will be between January 24 and 24

What new skin and objects can we expect from this Fortnite concert?

  • For starters, most likely a skin of the singer is released along with some cosmetic items that are sold as a new pack of the Idols series of the game
  • On the other hand, and taking into account what has happened in previous events, it is possible that Epic Games will allow us to get some free items from the collaboration if we meet some specific requirements

How big will this Fortnite concert be?

  • Epic Games has not yet provided details on what this event will be like.
  • We have two possibilities: whether it’s a big concert like Travis Scott’s or held in Creative mode as a smaller event ❓❓
  • My bet is for the second option: Epic Games hasn’t given much hype to the matter and the concert would be held imminently, so I wouldn’t expect something very big 🤔

Who is The Kid Laroi?

Surely you’ve heard it on some songs that haven’t stopped playing on different radio stations, such as the one called Stay, in which he sings with Justin Biever. We are talking about a 19-year-old Australian boy who started his career in the music industry only 4 years ago and whose successes launched him to stardom. Next, he will leave you with a song of his in case you haven’t heard it yet:

I remind you that I will update this same article with any information that arises in this regard in the coming days.

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