Fortnite Announces Wild Dreams Concert Featuring Rapper The Kid Laroi

Fortnite has announced its first major multimedia event of 2023, in the middle of Season 1 of Chapter 4. We already knew the protagonist, The Kid LAROIan Australian rapper and songwriter who has become quite the phenomenon since his discovery in 2019.

But it won’t be with a concert with fixed dates, as has happened on previous occasions with Ariana Grande or Travis Scott, but with a “sound and interactive experience“, which debuts this weekend but will be available until April.

Therefore, we will have much more time than usual to enjoy the music of Kid LAROI in Fortnite (including Unpublished songs), although the missions and the competitive cup will last less time.


The Kid LAROI (Fortnite)

What is Wild Dreams, Kid LAROI’s sound experience in Fortnite?

This experience takes place in the cybernetic LAROI City, where you can attend a concert with well-known songs by Kid LAROI and three unpublished songs, including “Love Again”, which will premiere on Saturday, January 28.

Wild Dreams is the name of a new island in creative mode, which will start January 28 at 00:00 CET (Spanish peninsular time) until eapril 28 at 00:00 CET.

To enter them, you will find their Wild Dreams of The Kid LAROI box on the Discover screen, or you can manually enter the island code 2601-0606-9081.

The Kid Laroi

On the other hand, they will also launch the same dates on the island Wild Dreams: The Kid LAROI Afterpartywhose island code is 4294-0410-6136and where you can listen to a mix of their songs on loop and discover more about LAROI’s life, both on and off stage.

The island has been created in collaboration by Alliance Studios, Team Atomic and TheBoyDilly, and features a video directed by Adrien Wagner and produced by La Pac.

Merchandising, missions, LAROI cup…

The Kid Laroi

Naturally, you will also find much more related to Kid LAROI, known above all for his song Stay with Justin Bieber. From January 27 you can find a variety of skins and accessories in the store.

Within the experiences you can also complete Wild Dreams missions, to get free XP and special items. These missions will only be between January 28 and February 4.

Finally, a The Kid LAROI Cup, a Zero Construction duo tournament, will be held on Tuesday, January 24: if you are among the best in the region, you will unlock a suit before anyone else.

You can find more information about the Kid Laroi Cup and its event on the Fortnite website. Remember that it starts on Saturday, January 28 at 00:00 CET, and lasts until April 28, although the Cup is earlier, on January 24, and the missions only last until February 4.

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