League of Legends events are ‘bland’ Riot agrees, but change is coming

It’s no secret that the recent series of League of Legends events has failed to awaken the metaphorical whistle from the player base, but Riot has doubled down on recent claims that the development team is looking to give the MOBA community something new and exciting.

In the wake of a disappointing season 13 cinematic and an official apology video that promised big changes to the iconic MOBA in 2023, Riot has doubled down on its promise to rework in-game events and give them some of the flair that made Bilgewater’s Butcher’s Bridge and Spirit Blossom Game Novel is so special.

In response to a Reddit thread titled “League of Legends events are so [sic] bland,” Senior Lead Design in Competitive Play Jordan ‘BarackProbama’ Checkman has doubled down on developer claims to level up his events.

“We hear you,” they write. “Aware that some events do not contain the level of novelty/excitement that they might at this time. We are working on some short and long term investments to improve its quality in the future. This will mean more immersive experiences, changes to our event structures, and yes, even modes.

“I’m not directly on the Moments team (they produce our events) or the Mods team (they make…modes), but I’ve seen and played some of what they’ve planned and I’m very excited as a player.

“The best thing I can do is let you know that we are going to keep fighting with all our souls to make the greatest things we can for all of you,” they conclude, noting that “it will be actions, not words, that will win back your trust. can and should continue Respectfully let us know where we have and we haven’t hit the mark.”

Following up on this, Moments team senior manager Daniel ‘Rovient’ Leaver confirms that “we’re working on something special for one of our summer events this year. It’s not a visual novel.”

This is music to my ears. Since I’ve already had a full-scale discussion about why League of Legends needs to bring back seasonal glitches, the fact that Riot is taking a serious look at its event system is exactly what I think the game needs. Maybe we’ll see a Pool Party Rift, or maybe it’s something entirely new; Either way, knowing that something exciting is on the way has certainly piqued my interest. Call it hopium of course, but if things get better you might just want to play League again. My “short break” has quickly turned into a long one.

If you’re also excited about the prospect of not having to worry about how much you’ve spent on League of Legends because hopefully events won’t have new skins as their only focus, our League tier list is worth a look. of Legends. make sure you can still be the main of your favorite champions.

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