‘League of Legends’ is the new victim of a social engineering attack that caused the delay of its patches and updates

Riot Games, one of the great developers of the video game, has confirmed that a social engineering attack has been the reason why they delayed content and updates to its various installments, including ‘League of Legends’.

So they let him see through the official count on the company’s Twitter, where they commented that at the beginning of last week the security of your “development environment” was breached. At the moment, it seems that the information of the users is still protected.

Earlier this week, systems in our development environment were compromised by a social engineering attack. We don’t have all the answers right now, but we wanted to let you know soon and let you know that there is no indication that any player data or personal information was obtained.

Unfortunately, this has temporarily affected our ability to post content. While our teams are working hard to fix this, we expect this to impact our next multi-game patch cadence.

They end the thread for this update asking for your patience while they fix this issue. But, What is a social engineering attack? The truth is that it sounds cooler than it seems.

These types of attacks usually have three stages of development, starting with the selection of the victim. After gaining the trust of the chosen person to finally obtain valuable information from the place or group he attacks, regularly accessing passwords or accounts. That way, you can breach the security of companies such as Riot Games, without the need for hacks or the like.

Impact on ‘League of Legends’

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At the moment, the ‘League of Legends’ account, also on Twitterconfirmed that this may have an impact on patch 13.2even delaying content until new updates.

Attention, players. This may affect our patch 13.2 delivery date. The League team is working to push the boundaries of what we can fix to deliver the most planned and time-tested balance changes.

Other things, like Ahri ASU, might have to move to patch 13.3 (February 8), but we’ll keep you posted as we work on this.

Riot Games has not issued any statement since last Fridaywhen the matter came to light. For now, we will have to wait to find out more information about it and confirm how catastrophic the attack was.

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