League of Legends Players Claim Events Are “Boring” and Riot Says They Agree

For quite some time the League of Legends community has not been very happy with the content and events presented by Riot, the most recent example being the opening cinematic of the Season, which was so criticized that the developers themselves came out to ask apologies, saying that it “fell short of the action-packed trailer, starring champions they expected and has also brought speculation about our investment in League of Legends.”

Dissatisfaction from LoL players that is also felt in the recent events of the game, which has led to several criticisms such as on Reddit, where a post titled “League of Legends events are so boring”, has called the attention of the developers at Riot Games.

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Rioters who have read and responded to the post, such as Jordan “BarackProbama” Checkman, who is the Senior Design Lead on the MOBA’s Competitive Gameplay team, ensuring that they have listened to fans and are aware that some events are not they contain the level of novelty and excitement that the community expects, anticipating that “we are working on some short- and long-term investments to improve their quality in the future. This will mean more immersive experiences, changes to our event structures, and yes, even modes.”

“I’m not directly on the Moments team (they produce our events) or the Mods team (they create… the modes), but I’ve seen and played some of what they’ve planned and I’m very excited as a player,” Checkman says.

Something that is even confirmed in the Reddit thread itself by Daniel “Rovient” Leaver, senior manager of the Moments team who, as Checkman indicated, are the ones who produce the events, advancing that “we are working on something special for one of our summer events of this year” and also alerting that “it is not a visual novel”.

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