Matchday 3: Fnatic manages to rescue a victory over KOI

Officially the first week of competition in the League of Legends EMEA Championship (LEC) has come to an end, after three days of intense games and exciting results, the most important LoL tournament in Europe knows not only the first leaders of the championship, but also those squads that have not been able to get a footing in the first games, were a little behind in the Position Table but are starting to pick up little by little.

Such is the case of fnatic, after the expected return of Rekkles to the organization, fnatic reached the kickoff of the LEC as one of the teams to take into account. However, they have had a difficult week that began on the wrong foot, two tough defeats made old ghosts appear in the organization, during the first day the team led by Rekkles fell before Vitality and on Sunday he lost «The classic” in view of G2 Esports, but this afternoon the course seems to have changed for Fnatic. In the final stretch of the day, Fnatic defeated a powerful koi to bring not only the team’s first victory, but also to bring peace of mind to the fans.

From now to fnatic the only thing left is to continue growing from this victory, the season has just begun. On paper, another week awaits him “quiet«, first of all they will be facing a BDS that the rise is coming, after losing in the debut against koi, the French squad reaped two consecutive victories; on Sunday fnatic will be measured before excel (1-2); and will close the second week before a Team Heretics who will also seek to overcome their situation and, without a doubt, they will give us a great game.

G2 and Vitality begin to set the pace in the LEC

In counterpart, the bees and the samurai closed a spectacular week that with a 3-0 record in their favor, positioned them as the only leaders of the LEC. Vitality defeated fnatic at the beginning and did the same on Sunday when he faced Team Heretics, this afternoon the team led by a Perks in mode MVP the bees They managed to put a finishing touch to a perfect week; A similar case was that of G2 Esportsalready far from the controversy of recent months and the setback of Worlds 2022the squad led by Caps seems to be back in the ring with a single objective, to lift the champion’s trophy.

On this new day and with a composition little seen but very much in the current meta of LoL (Zac middle, Karma top and Ashe support), the samurai they crushed Astralis with another great collective performance. For now, there is still a long way to go before we can determine who will be the great champion of this brand new divided winter, but that does not mean that both tents Like the samurai They will be two great protagonists of this contest.

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