Overwatch 2: Keller talked about the plans they have for 2023

The game director gave details about the hero shooter’s campaign, balance changes and upcoming heroes to be released.

Following the departure of Jeff Kaplan from the Overwatch 2 team, Aaron Keller He was promoted to his position in the directorate. From there, he began working on the future of the title, which, some time later, moved to the game-as-a-service model and adapted its monetization system. Even so, there is work ahead to meet the last two mentioned.

In an interview for the NME medium, the game director spoke about what the road holds for the hero shooter during 2023. He advanced details such as the planning of the pending campaign, balance changes, modes and heroes that will be added to the roster later.

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Speaking to NME, Overwatch 2 director Aaron Keller explains the challenges of keeping a multiplayer game balanced, what fans can expect from the shooter’s next campaign, and what awaits us in 2023.

Keller began by talking about the campaign, a mode that would reach the multiplayer level of Overwatch 2. However, its development “was slower than they wanted” so the decision was made to divide the game and launch gradually during this year. In addition, details are being finalized on the deployment of its content and narrative resources.

Then he talked about the balance changes on which Blizzard seems to juggle to find the balance between casual and competitive gameplay. On the one hand, he argued that roadhog it will be nerfed and that it reached to lead the metagame because other heroes have been changed. And on the other, he admitted that a single patch with significant modifications “would not be enough”, which leaves the door open for future versions focused on them.

On the other hand, he pointed out that there is “a lot” of content planned for 2023. Among this are more events such as the Battle for Olympus and playable characters. In fact there will be several new and returning game modes, including a brand new one that he’s “very excited” to announce. He even teased the release of a mysterious skin in Season 3 that he thinks is going to freak out the community.

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In closing Keller admitted that they are focusing on the next two heroeswhich will be a support role and would come out in season 4 and 6. He also anticipated that they would “bring things to the game that we had not seen before: some new mechanics and really exciting ways to interact with your own team.”

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