Overwatch 2: Mercy and Sojourn will receive nerfs in season 3

After their frequented chemistry in combat the power of both heroines will be reduced in the next period of the hero shooter.

The synergy between Mercy and Sojourn dominates the Overwatch 2 metagame, both in casual and competitive matches. Nevertheless Blizzard It will put a stop to their frequent picking and reduce their forces so that other heroes can have a chance to be played.

according to Jodie Grace Mckaughan, Community Manager of the hero shooterboth heroines will be affected in season 3. Warned the community Please be patient as very soon we will have news about what modifications will be applied to them.

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“Totally fair. I know you feel bad right now, especially when you see him so often in your games.
We’ll have more information soon, but changes are coming!”

Let’s remember that Sojourn comes from earning a number of nerfs after consecrating itself as an essential option in the metagame. At that time he was able to take out a hero with a headshot dealing 200 damage with his railgun. This was the straw that broke the camel’s back and made her take two nerf packs in December 2022.

As for Mercy, she did not earn reductions in Overwatch 2 since other characters in her role such as Ana, Kiriko and Lúcio stood out. The only mod she got from it was a small buff at the end of last year to speed up the weapon switch and increase to the ammo of her Caduceus Pistol.

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For now Sojourn does not have the same presence with which she excelled at the start of the hero shooter, since other damage heroes such as Cassidy, Genji and Widowmaker are now used. But when she is selected, Mercy has the chance to bring out her wings and her healing force to shine. It will remain to wait for the season 3 patch that will be in charge of placing both in a place where she does not abuse her synergy.

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