Riders starts the year with a different face, but with the same results

The Spanish fans of CS:GO I was eager to enjoy again Movistar Riders after the Christmas break and they have had two very intense days. The Spanish team has played three matches in OMEN WGR Challenge 2023 and another of the CCT South Europe Series 2. Despite a good start in the first, the riders have not been able to pass the round in any of them. The Spanish team continues in the dynamic of defeats with the end of 2022 and dilutes the first good feelings of the first match.

More than a month had passed since the last Movistar Riders match and two since the last recorded victory. For this reason, and after the declarations of blade in the interview with Pitu Herranzthe national fans really wanted to see the best team in Spain in CS:GO. The start was very promising after the inaugural victory at the OMEN WGR Challenge 2023 against Copenhagen Flames. The horsemen played a good side TT into Anubis, but it cost him more than TC. However, and after rowing, they managed to force a overtime to end up winning the game with a good collective performance in which mopoz could stand out.

Riders good start with sad ending

The second game would be against SAW, a team that is currently at a much higher level than the Spanish. As it is the Iberian classic, there are pending accounts and anything can happen, but the tugas gave them no choice. Story led SAW to put up a resounding 16-5 in Ancient after bladeE did not score a single round as TC’s. The hard blow would come in the elimination match against the Copenhagen Flames. Riders took the lead thanks to overtime in a Nuke in which alex stood out remarkably. The Danes tied the series also in the overtime after a bad side TC Spanish. Ancient witnessed a Riders who returned to 2022 at times and he lost to two rival echoes, something that ended up taking its toll with the final 14-16. The Spanish team said goodbye to the tournament after not winning a single round of seven possible pistols.

During this Monday the riders have debuted in the CCT South Europe Series 2 and they have already said goodbye after falling 11-16 and 8-16 against Aurora. The good image of the day yesterday did not come against the Russian team and the players have shown an anarchic game that has taken them out of the game on the last map. With all this, despite the first good image, the results have not yet arrived. To stay with something good, all the players have had good moments and have shown to be, more or less, plugged in, it just remains for that level to coincide at the same time. The Spaniards return to the server this Tuesday with the ESL Challenger League Season 44.

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