The best training tool in Valorant is an invention of the 19th century: This is how a metronome is able to make you improve as a player – Valorant

In competitive video games, any detail can make a difference. the community of Valorant He knows this very well and for a long time many have put their hands to work to discover the most efficient methods of increasing their performance in the shooter of Riot Games. There are all kinds of tips, from training routines to practice aiming and increase muscle memory to little tricks when setting up the game. However, the right solution is sometimes the simplest and one of the ways to improve with one of the most powerful weapons in the game is an artifact that was invented in the 19th century and whose effectiveness is more than demonstrated.

How a metronome can be your best ally in Valorant

The device we are referring to is none other than a metronome. For those less versed in music, this tool has the unique function of emitting a sound or visual signal that is played constantly at a defined interval. In this way you can measure the musical time in a very precise way and check that we are adapting to the rhythm of the composition. In Valorant, its function is very similar, although of course it has nothing to do with whole notes or eighth notes. The benefits of this object are related to its ability to make us use one of the most powerful weapons in the video game in the most efficient way possible.

The rifle we are referring to is the Guardian. This weapon has several peculiarities that make it unique in the game. On the one hand, it is a semi-automatic rifle, which means that it fires every time we press the button assigned to it. On the other, it is the most accurate weapon in Valorant. When not using the scope, the first shot margin of error is 0.1. For comparison, the Vandal has 0.25 points in this stat and the Specter 0.4. This means that it is virtually impossible to miss our initial bullet if we aim well. In addition, in case of using the scope, the chances of making a mistake drop directly to zero.

These characteristics mean that the Guardian can be fired constantly with maximum precision if we respect its Recovery time. This concept, which Riot Games uses to balance weapons, refers to the time we have to wait from when we fire the first shot until we launch a new bullet for maximum precision. That is, the game instead of understanding that we are pressing the trigger several times in a row count each shot as if it were the first. On many rifles, this feature only helps us situationally. However, in the Guardian it is essential in the vast majority of scenarios.

Guardian Valorant Shot

A metronome can make us fire the Guardian with perfect precision

This is where the metronome comes in again. The Guardian’s cooldown to fire each shot with maximum precision is always the same, so it’s at its own pace. If you find it, just use this tool to follow it for a few training sessions and internalize it. It is impossible to tell our brain to press a button every 0.3 seconds (for example) but it is very simple do it at constant intervals. Thus, after a little practice, the most efficient method of using the weapon will come naturally to us.

Of course, the players did not take long to get down to business. The maximum rate at which we can fire the Guardian without compromising its accuracy is 196 beats per minute. Nor do we need a metronome as such, we can use a video on YouTube that respects that number of clicks. We go to the Practice Field for a while and then we are ready to take advantage of one of the most profitable and powerful weapons in Valorant.

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