The ESL Pro League completes its list of participants

ESL Pro League XVI
Image: Adela Sznajder (ESL)

The 17th season of the ESL Pro League has completed its list of participants just one month after its start. Once again, the highest international league will have a stellar cast in which none of the big names will be missing.

Of the 32 applicants for a title that Vitality currently holds, 21 of them already had confirmation; either because they are partners of the competition, winners of stops on the ESL Challenger circuit or because of their position in the ESL world ranking. Eleven others have joined these, coming from the different regions into which the ESL Pro League Conference has been divided on this occasion.

Specifically, five have been the regional competitions that have been developed as a prelude to the ESL Pro League. All of them remotely and bringing together teams from Europe, North America, South America, Asia and Oceania.

Double Iberian representation in the ESL Pro League

The previous phase of the Old Continent left a great news for the Iberian scene from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The already confirmed presence in the next ESL Pro League season of Movistar Riders for their championship in ESL Challenger Valencia will be joined by the Portuguese team of SAW.

The current ESL Masters champion had a more than remarkable run in the European Conference, defeating Babos Gaming, Endpoint and forZe in the winners’ draw. The group trained by the Spanish Omar «arki» Chakkor will play the ESL Pro League for the first time.

Precisely the Russian team from forZe was another of those who made the pass, in this case through the lower box. The third European representative to get their place was Eternal Fire. The Turks barely dropped a map in their three meetings and were extremely solid.

The American and Asia and Oceania qualifiers did not surprise anyone

Much less close were the qualifiers, both North America and South America. Both had three participants who would distribute two places in each of them.

ATK and MIBR were the two that sealed their place for Malta in the North American tournament, living up to expectations just like Imperial and 00NATION did in the South American version of the event.

The same number of applicants and format governed the previous phases of Asia and Oceania. In the first, IHC and Rare Atom they asserted the logic which placed them as the main favorites for the classification. There were no surprises in the Oceanic Conference either with Grayhound and Rooster qualifying.

ESL Pro League Season 17 It will take place entirely in Malta and will last for about a month. At stake, in addition to the $850,000 in prizes, is a place for the next IEM Cologne 2023.

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