The gamer truck travels Route 14 looking for talent

The provincial gamer education project does not stop. The truck today visits Campo Viera in search of the next player for FIFA 22, Counter Strike and Valorant.

The Trailer Gamer continues touring the red land. After passing through Puerto Rico and Eldorado, today he was in Campo Viera. The next destinations expected are Campo Grande and Aristobulo del Valle.

During the month of February the truck will travel the Route 14indicated the coordinator of the gamer project, Augustine Vinuesa.

“The intention is to bring young people a very important opportunity, for those who want to be part of the sport game,” he said.

The gamer project has the objective of looking for talents in E-Sport, to later form a professional electronic sports missionary team. The leagues are focused on competitive strategy and showdown video games.

Gamer culture and education

The Gamer Trailer is equipped with next generation computers and video games. It offers young people the possibility of living the experience of playing games such as Counter Strike, Global Offensive, League of Legends, FIFA 22 and Valorant.

“Gamer culture teaches us to connect with the world of video games,” said Martín Maidana, a participating player.

The participants of the gamer proposal learn to master different games and are trained in the development of skills for collaborative work. In addition, they are formed in the resolution of technical problems in the network, in strategic classes of marketing, nutrition, physical, emotional and intellectual health. Components that a gamer must incorporate on the path to professionalization, point out the young players.

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