The League of Legends Super League adds a new partner: Santaluca

LVP The 2023 Super League season premiered last week with the first games of the spring split with some of the most interesting results and capturing the attention of fans for another year. League of Legends in Spain.

Along with this debut and just in time for the remainder of the year, the Professional Video Game League has closed a new sponsorship agreement with Santalucathe well-known insurance company that sides with the competition and increases its presence in the esports sector to attract young clients in the future.

Thanks to this agreement, Santaluca will have a presence in the broadcasts at two key moments of the games: when one of the teams takes the first dragon, achieving a series of outstanding advantages; Y when the soul of the Rift is setin which the playing field undergoes alterations.

The Super League is confident that it is working in the right direction

After signing this agreement, the CEO of the LVP, Jordi Soler, commented that the “Superliga is one of the leading entertainment options for brands, and the arrival of SANTALUCA confirms that we are working in the right direction. We thank them for trusting us and because they are going to help us improve the competition in 2023, a year with many new features and content for the public”.

For her part, Laia Prunera, Director of Marketing and Events at SANTALUCA, stresses that: “At SANTALUCA we are committed to connecting with the youngest, integrating our brand organically into the most successful content among the target. The good results obtained in 2022 take us to reinforce our commitment and enter in 2023 the sponsorship of the most powerful leaguethe League of Legends Super League”.


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