to what extent is it necessary?

Since League of Legends began its journey more than 13 years ago, it has not stopped expanding its roster of characters. Today there are more than 160 different champions that exist, with their own characteristics, abilities, personalities, etc. Everyone has their favourites, but there is one in particular that You either love it or you hate it, and it’s about Yuumi the cat.

This sorceress has the support role and since she joined the battles in 2019 she has become one of the most popular characters of all. Due to her qualities, she has never been without controversy and now Riot Games has proposed apply a full rework, or in other words, modify it from top to bottom. Of course, to what extent is it necessary?

Everything that characterizes Yuumi

First of all, the first thing is to take into account what is special about Yuumi, because her set of skills is completely unique and no other champion is anything like what she is capable of. Without a doubt, this is one of the main reasons why she has generated so much controversy for years.

The biggest reason is because Yuumi is able to climb on top of any allied champion and automatically become invincible, making it impossible to target her and deal any kind of damage to her. Even so, it is also capable of all of the following:

  • Passive – Protective Purr: Sometimes when she attacks a champion, she recovers mana points and a shield that protects herself and the champion she’s attached to.
  • Q – Missile Stalker: Fires a missile that deals damage on impact and additional damage, as well as a slow, if it takes more than a second to reach its destination. It can also be controlled while Yuumi is attached to an ally.
  • W – !Yupee!: Increases your adaptive strength and that of your ally and is the ability you use to get on a partner.
  • E – Cat Swiftness: Heals and increases his movement speed and attack speed, but if he is linked to a champion, he is the one who receives the increases.
  • R – Final Chapter– Channels seven waves of damage that immobilizes all champions it reaches if they are hit by three or more waves. Yuumi can move, link, and E in the meantime.

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As you can see, between being unreachable when riding or attaching to other champions, and at the same time granting them buffs, causes Yuumi to be tremendously useful during games. Only if it gets off the partner to which it is linked or if it is eliminated can it be damaged to finish it off. Luckily, she is very weak and it doesn’t take too many hits to take her out.

A change that the community is crying out for

Despite the fact that all the points mentioned above are reasons to love Yuumi, which in fact are many who like to play with her for this reason, a good part of the community hates her. In turn, this implies that it is more common to see her in ARAM and not in Summoner’s Rift, since in this mode, or in other alternatives such as URF or ARURF, she is usually banned so that no one can choose her.

Lol Yuumi 02

Since its inception, the Riot Games team has been constantly working on modifying it as a result of user suggestions and complaints, but a balance has never been reached that makes everyone happy. Without going further, in patch 13.1 that will be published in a few days its power will be weakened somewhatbeing this the first step before applying the rework.

Actually, Yuumi is designed for those who start taking their first steps in League of Legends, because it is very easy to control and learn its mechanics, although the most veterans do not like it that much. The fact that it levels up so easily or is so effective from the first few minutes is quite frustrating, because there’s nothing you can do to counteract it.

Champions generally have strengths and weaknesses in certain situations. Thus we have characters who cannot separate themselves from the tanks so as not to die quickly or the sorcerers who must attack from afar because in a face-to-face confrontation they are usually sold. However, none of this applies to Yuumi’s power. run away quietly jumping from one champion to another.

Lol Yuumi 03

What’s more, Yuumi is very rare to see in professional games because she is almost always banned. You just have to take a look at the data from the Worlds 2022, the world championship of League of Legends, in which dozens of games were played and 86% of them were blocked. The most striking thing is that in 14% of the remaining matches he came to win in 85.7% of them, being the champion who accumulated the most victories by a huge difference.

As a great coordination is needed with the rest of the champions it is more common to see it in team games and not so much when you decide to play alone. In short, since Riot Games does not like this current situation, for this reason it has been proposed to modify it so that anyone can choose it at any time, regardless of whether they are with friends or not.

Some of the more prominent complaints against Yuumi range from considering the game lost if you lose the laning phase against her to the fact that it doesn’t matter if she does poorly because her power depends on others and not so much on her. itself, not to mention that from the beginning it is very powerful, but it is not very fun to play and there are not enough ways to remove it.

What will become of Yuumi in the future?

Lol Yuumi 04

If today you ask someone who hates Yuumi what they would like Riot Games to do with her, probably more than one would tell you to remove her from the game forever. For this reason, there is no doubt that the rework It is very necessary and this has been demonstrated with many other champions in which this example has been followed throughout these 13 years.

Dr. Mundo, Sion, Irelia, Karma, Swain, most recently Udyr, and soon to come Aurelion Sol, are just a few of the champions that have had this change made to very positive reception and results. Not only because they had become very outdated and were little used, but also because it can be used to grant them new abilities and make them more fun to play.

It is still early to know exactly what Riot Games will do with Yuumi, but for now he has acknowledged that he is aware that the combination of healing, granting buffs and being invincible is what makes her so despised. Added to this is that in champions with a lot of mobility she becomes even more useful and the lanes she plays through are tougher as they have more life due to her healing and shields.

The company wants her to remain an easy to use, protect, and buff mage, so these details will continue to be maintained and increased even further, while trading her damage and crowd control for more power and defense. That does not mean that a way to counter Yuumi will be sought even more, either making it easier to dodge his hits or not being as essential on champs that move at full speed. We’ll see in a while if he appears in more games or continues to be one of the most banned champions.

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