Top 10 Overwatch Hero Cosplays

While the Overwatch community can generally be lumped in with one of the most toxic gatherings of people out there, there are some bright spots. From the very beginning, people have loved the heroes featured in Overwatch, and there have been some truly amazing cosplays of people representing its protagonists. These are our personal favorite cosplays of Overwatch heroes that we’ve seen.

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The best Overwatch 2 character cosplays

Aerlyn Gray–Winston

Image via Aerlyn

As you’ll see from this list, we’re blown away by some great cosplays, and this Winston cosplay ranks right up there. This jumpsuit costume brings to life our favorite scientist with a light weapon to transmit the electrical attack from him.

Cosplay Alt F4 – Brigitte

brigitte cosplay altf4 1

Image via Alt F4

With the Goats meta, Brigitte completely took over Overwatch for a while, but nowadays it’s a little easier to love her for her characters and skins. One example is this great rendering of the Shieldmaiden skin. The bear head on her shoulder and the shield itself look absolutely amazing.

Henchmen Studios–Ashe

ashe cosplay henchmen studios 1

Image via Henchmen Studios

Ashe is an intimidating presence, so to see her come to life like this is great. Those red eyes and tattoo details really bring the character out of the game. This is a great representation of the leader Deadlock brought to life.

Irine Meier – D.Va

dva cosplay irine meier 1

Image via Irine Meier

There is no shortage of Tiktokers who can easily buy or make D.Va’s outfit and look good in it. That being said, if you go the extra mile to build his mech that you actually have to climb into, that’s beyond impressive. Obviously he doesn’t actually walk, but the weapons rotate and there are different spots that light up.

James Whittall–Junkrat

junkrat cosplay james whittall 1

Image via James Whittall

This dedication to Overwatch’s most bomb-obsessed maniac is everything we want it to be. The grenade launcher and detonator look perfect, while his body is covered in the blast residue that he would expect Junkrat to wear at all times. We also love the creativity of hiding his actual foot inside the peg leg and mine.

Jannet Incosplay – Widowmaker

widowmaker cosplay jannetincosplay 1

Image via Jannet Incosplay

Widowmaker is a cold-blooded killer, and after seeing this cosplay, we’re not too sure we’re safe. The suit and visor look ripped straight out of the game, and his weapon, seen in other photos, is also pretty perfect. It’s probably a good time to take cover.

M Blackburn – Tracer

tracer cosplay blackburn 1

Image via M Blackburn

We have to realize that getting Tracer to have the right hair has to be one of the most challenging aspects of cosplaying as her. Well, every bit of her original look from her game was nailed down here. The chronal accelerator, dual pistols, and all the rest of her gear look like they could exist in a futuristic world.

Nadiasonika – Kiriko

kiriko cosplay nadyasonika 1

Image via Nadyasonika

Kiriko is probably our favorite hero to be introduced with the release of Overwatch 2. This cosplay fits her outfit perfectly. The green hair, the fox visor and the kicks of him suit him very well. He looks like he could definitely take on Hashimoto.

The Egg Sisters – Reinhardt

reinhardt cosplay egg sisters 1

Image via The Egg Sisters

Reinhardt is a larger-than-life character, so fitting a 5-foot-4 woman into this 7-foot armor is no small feat. This particular version is of Ella Blackhardt’s skin, which already looks amazing, but seeing it in the real world is even cooler.

TinaKinz – Mercy

cosplay tinakinz 1

Image via TinaKinz

We are absolute fans of Overwatch lore. When the Uprising event first came out and showed us Tracer’s first mission as a Field Agent in Overwatch, we immediately fell in love. This look at Mercy from that day is a great look at her Combat Medic skin of hers. Her healing staff is perfect and those wings look ready to spring into action.


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