What is the Keep Inventory command in Minecraft?

Console commands in Minecraft can be a very useful tool to improve the experience for you. These can be used to quickly alter gameplay without needing to go through settings or find in-game means to do what you want. If you’re not looking to lose your inventory on death, you can use the console command to always keep everything without dropping it when you die. Here is how to do the Keep Inventory command in Minecraft.

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How to do the Keep Inventory command in Minecraft

In order to quickly change your gameplay and allow you to keep your inventory upon death in Minecraft, you must first open the chat option. On PC, press T. On console, press right on the d-pad. From there, enter /gameruleholdInventory TRUE in the Java or Bedrock edition of Minecraft and press enter. You will receive a message confirming the rule change and you can try it yourself if you want.

If you ever want to revert the rule so that you drop items on death, open the chat window and enter /gamerule keep fake inventory and hit enter for another confirmation that the game is back to normal.

There are many more commands available in Minecraft besides Keep Inventory. From interacting with other players, teleporting, and other useful tools, commands can change the game in a very positive way if you don’t mind playing the standard experience. If you’re having trouble getting the commands to work, be sure to go into your settings and make sure cheats are turned on. Otherwise these won’t work. For most people, Keep Inventory is just a nice thing to make the experience a bit friendlier.


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