Xbox Exec wants fans to keep Developer_Direct expectations in check

It’s officially Developer_Direct week here at Xbox Land, and we have to admit we’re pretty excited to see some deep dives into the Xbox 2023 game lineup. Ahead of the live stream later this week though, Aaron Greenberg of Xbox urges fans not to get carried away.

The executive recently participated in a twitter sharing with Kinda Funny host Parris Lilly talking about the event and what’s expected of it. Lilly issued a “friendly reminder” for fans to keep their expectations in check, a reminder Greenberg greatly appreciated:

To be honest, this kind of advice is always worth heeding when attending a gaming conference, but yeah, it’s probably best to wait for news on the big four here: Redfall, Forza Motorsport, Minecraft Legends, and The Elder Scrolls Online. . Anything else would just be a bonus.

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Are you surprised by this moderation of expectations before the event? Let us know below!

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Expectations set. That’s fine, then. Now, you just have to impress with what you have.


Wow, now is the time to be amazed, not punished… we’ve been waiting for this year for too long, don’t ruin it by being disappointing once again!


Wow, this sounds like a… prepare for disappointment 😥

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