Are you bad at playing Fortnite? Epic Games has the perfect missions for you

For the first time in its entire history, Fortnite reward your players for lose games. If you are not good at playing the popular Epic Games game, this is your moment. We tell you what we mean just below:

The world upside down: Fortnite rewards players for losing

a new mission divided into several phases corresponding to Week 8 of Season 1 of Fortnite Chapter 4, available from 01/24/2023 at 3:00 p.m. CET is to lose games. This Mission is “Don’t be in first position in different matches“. And it is exactly what it suggests: we must stay in any position except the first in any game mode.

The Missions in question


The Missions in question

Each phase of this Mission that we complete gives us 16,000 XP, which is used to level up and thus unlock items from the Battle Pass for this season of the game. Completing the four phases gives us a total of 64,000 XP; Considering that each level requires 80,000 XP, this experience gained is not even a single level.

"We move forward"  I am in this Mission losing


We “advance” in this Mission losing

This is the first time that Epic Games has done something like this in Fortnite.. It is true that since its launch in September 2017, there have been Missions and Challenges of all kinds in the game, and the complaints from the players have not been few with those that were especially complex and convoluted. The funny thing about these is that they reward us for being badand even being “bad” is inefficient to complete them, since the fastest is to commit suicide in the game.

In our Fortnite guide we tell you everything you need to know about the game, including how to complete all the Missions or where all the characters are and what each one does. Don’t miss it!

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