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Although Fortnite It is no longer what it was and its impact on the internet has dropped a little more than expected, the truth is that the battle royale continues to be the ideal platform on which planes arriving from other franchises full of crossovers and characters that land are included within your proposal (and They don’t have to be from other video gamesprecisely).

Well, this is something that happened a few minutes ago with dead spacewhen Epic Games has shared everything we need to know of this collaboration. I leave you with all the details of this new Fortnite crossover so you don’t miss anything about it.

When does the new Dead Space skin come out in Fortnite and how much does it cost?

  • The outfit of this crossover It is already available (as of January 24), although Epic Games has not commented when it will leave the game
  • The bad thing is that it is not a pack that we can buy with paVos to use, but can only be purchased by paying with real money
  • In this sense, the package costs a whopping 11.99 euros 🤑

What is Isaac Clark’s skin like in Fortnite?

The pack in question not only includes the skin of the protagonist of the saga dead spacebut It brings with it a series of accessories and extras that may interest you. Next, I leave you with the contents of the package so that you have the list as close as possible:

  • DRI backpacking accessory – Keep an eye on the personalized health monitoring system on your back.
  • USG Ishimura – A portable planet excavator.
  • Peak Plasma Cutter – Special mining tool. Be careful with your fingers.
    • Uses upgrade benchthe built-in emote for this pickaxe, to equip or unequip it.
  • 1500 paVos to spend in the store
fortnite dead space

Well, there you have all the information about this new skin of Fortnite. Are you going to catch her?

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