Fortnite: What will Wild Dreams, The Kid LAROI event offer?

Epic Games presented the collaboration that the battle royale will have with the singer through challenges, creative mode and the store.

The Kid LAROI He is days away from reaching Fortnite, and he will do so with a retrospective of his life along with his new music. Likewise, players will be able to feel the rhythm for a while in their experiences that add to the list of the figure that adds to the Idol Series.

In the last few hours, the company revealed its collaboration with the singer that users of the battle royale can enjoy. Some of its content will be released on 26 of January while its creative mode islands the next day.

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Here below we leave you a summary of what Wild Dreams will bring from the hand of Fortnite and The Kid LAROI:

Wild Dreams by The Kid LAROI

The event will be divided into two experiences. In one you can tour the cybernetics «LAROI City» to attend a packed LAROI concert with favorite songs and new music. and the other is the after partywhere the soundtrack used in the ceremony will be heard while you can take a look at the life of the artist.

We will also have The Kid LAROI’s Wild Dreams quests that will grant XP and cosmetics. These last ones are the following ones that will be available to the players until the February 3rd:

  • LAROI Aerosoles was here and LAROI Signature
  • Room musicians Love Again and Thousand Miles
  • LAROI and The Rogue Loading Screen

Do not forget that both experiences will be hosted in the creative mode with a deadline until the April 27. Here we leave you the codes so that you can access them in case you cannot find them in the Discover tab:

  • Wild Dreams of The Kid LAROI:- 2601-0606-9081
  • Wild Dreams of The Kid LAROI: Afterparty – 4294-0410-6136

additional cosmetics

The singer will be represented with two outfits: The Kid LAROI and The Rogue LAROI, which will bring an additional electrifying style. In addition, the individual sale of two gestures, including one with his new song Love Again, and Stay as room music. Although the latter can be obtained with the LAROI Fiesta Starter Bundle that includes an exclusive loading screen.

On the other hand, if you are looking to secure the package of both skins for free in the game, you have the option of playing The Kid LAROI Cup.

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Rules for content creators

Finally, Epic warned that those content creators of the Support a Creator (SAC) program will be able to upload content from the event on demand on YouTube, monetize it for seven days and should not receive removal notices during that same period. In relation to those of Twitch that transmit the experiences, they suggest the deactivation of clips and VODs to avoid the detection system of third-party copyright infringement.

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