Fusion Venezuela qualifies for the Spike Pro League

The qualifying stage for the Spike Pro League Season 1 began, the first major Valorant League in Venezuela organized by LGAplay.

And the first team to qualify for the Open Qualifier is Fusion Venezuela.

FUSION, the American esports team founded by Jhoulys Chacín, a professional MLB baseball player from Venezuela.

He announced his Venezuelan roster consisting of “FPSGallo”, “Juanito Pacheco”, “RuLO”, “WinterFPS” and “yaominGKZZZ” in search of victory in the Spike Pro League Season 1.

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Last Thursday, January 19, during the Open Qualifier final against Care Perro’s E-SPORTS, Fusion Venezuela was crowned the first team to qualify for the Spike Pro League Season 1 after going undefeated and defeating their last rival team in 2 – 0.

Registration for qualifying tournaments continues

There are still three (3) Qualy’s for the teams that are not left by direct application. It is important to mention that they must be made up ONLY of Venezuelan players regardless of where they reside (inside or outside the country).

Teams can register in multiple tournaments, but if they are champions they will no longer be able to participate in subsequent Qualys.

To register your Valorant team in our remaining qualifying tournaments you can do it through the following links:

National Circuit – Qualy #2 – SPL T1

National Circuit – Qualy #3 – SPL T1

National Circuit – Qualy #4 – SPL T1

Before starting each match, there will be a check-in period with a time limit of 240 minutes to give enough time for each team registered in the tournament to have all its players.

The qualifying days will not be broadcast through the LGAplay networks. However, as the tournament approaches, an application process will be opened so that anyone wishing to co-stream the sessions can do so if they meet the minimum requirements.

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