how to get all crossover rewards for free with The Kid Laroi

A few days ago I told you in this other article everything you need to know of the new concert that The Kid Laroi will give within Fortnite, but I want to dedicate another specific guide to tell you how can you get their rewards for free, since they are not exactly few.

You already know how things work in terms of the way Epic Games works: with each more or less big event, a series of items arrive that we can unlock without spending a single paVo on them. Then, I will tell you how the ones of this crossover between Fortnite and The Kid Laroi are unlocked.

Get free emotes, graffiti and more with the new Fortnite event and The Kid Laroi

Free items when participating in the concert

  • The new concert will be held, as as you commented Epic Games itself in creative mode through one of the featured islands of the same
  • The map in question will be available from January 28 to April 28
  • The code to access the map in question is 2601-0606-9081 and it’s called Wild Dreams ✨
  • There we will have to complete a series of missions (they are simple enough to be able to do them on the fly) to obtain the following free items:
fortnite kid laroi free

Free items participating in the special cup of The Kid Laroi in Fortnite

  • The cup will take place today, January 24
  • This will propose play Zero Construction mode in duos mode
  • By getting 8 points in the tournament, we will get two free items
  • If we are among the first players in the world in the competition, we will get The Kid Laroi skin for free ❗❗
  • There are two ways to score points in the tournament:
    • Being among the first 25 players of each game
    • With each elimination you get a point

What do you think of the new event between Fortnite and The Kid Laroi? I read you in the comments.

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