Pikachu with Aura and Bruno Hats and the Regis join the Pokémon GO Hoenn Tour

The next 18 and 19 February, Pokémon GO will celebrate in Las Vegas a great paid face-to-face event: the Hoenn Tour. In your day we already met the first details about your global eventand later they gave us all the information about how Kyogre and Groudon’s Primal Regression is going to debut in this event.

Today, I come to tell you some more things that Pokémon GO Hoenn Tour attendees will be able to enjoy. And is that the game Has revealed the presence of the Regis, new Pokémon with a hat and more. I leave it all below.

  • Date of the physical event: Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 February. 🗓
  • Global Event Date: Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 February (from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. local time). 🗓
Pokemon GO Hoenn Las Vegas Tour 2023

Pokémon GO Hoenn Tour face-to-face activities

This is everything that attendees of the Las Vegas event will be able to enjoy:

  • Pikachu (with Bruno’s Hat) Y Pikachu (with Aura Tape) They will appear during the celebration. ❤️
  • special investigation in which we will collaborate with the three leaders of Team GO Rocket: Arlo, Cliff and Serra. 🚀
  • Special Investigation on Regirock, Regice and Registeel. It seems that to get it you will have to find codes scattered around Sunset Park (place of the physical event). ⠟
  • The hoenn pokemon will have higher chances of appearing shiny. ✨
  • They will appear shiny for the first time: Unown H, Surskit, Gulpin, Torkoal, Cacnea, Tropius and Relicanth. ✨
  • Deoxys will be in 5 star raids in all its forms (Normal, Attack, Defense and Speed), and it can come out shiny. 🥇
  • There will be 4 different habitats, which will feature different wild Pokémon: Scorching Sand, Mysterious Mist, Lush Land, and Ancient Shores. 🏝
  • We will have to choose between the Kyogre (Sapphire) version and the Groudon (Ruby) version of a challenge. ✅
  • Pokémon exclusive to the Sapphire version: Minun, Illumise, Wailmer, Lunatone and Castform (Rain Form). 🔵
  • Ruby Version Exclusive Pokémon: Plusle, Volbeat, Trapinch, Solrock and Castform (Sun Form). 🔴
Pokemon GO Hoenn Las Vegas Tour 2023 Regis
The Regis will not miss the Hoenn Tour in Las Vegas

And here comes the information about what those attending the Hoenn Tour that celebrates Pokémon GO in Las Vegas can enjoy. Do you plan to go? Or are you going to enjoy the global event? I personally stay at home.

Before finishing, I remind you that in a few days it will start in Pokémon GO the Crackling Voltage event. This will bring us to Tapu Koko and Helioptile shinies Y a new offensive from Team GO Rocketamong other things.

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