Pokémon fan designs a Rotom as if it were the cat feeder

And on top of that, it is not a normal feeder, but one of these automatic ones that are refilled

Currently, I do not have cats, although I did. Now, on the contrary, I have a dog, and I have to admit that I am more of cats than dogs. I also really like the series Pokemon. Wait, what the hell does one have to do with the other? Well, in the post that I bring you today they are slightly related, and it is sure that You all know the curious Rotom, right? That Electric-type Pokémon that transforms into anything.

When I say anything, it’s anything. I’m sure many of you already know that Rotom transforms into any electronic device which is also fully functional. What nobody expected is that also would be transformed into such everyday objects and technologically simple as a cat’s feeder Of course, an automatic feeder, be careful with that, eh. Well, I stop winding up and I’m getting down to business.

The Pokémon Rotom transformed into a cat feeder

It’s been through Reddit where a player has shared a very curious fanart in which Rotom has adopted a form that nobody would expect:

  • Yes, he has adopted the shape of a cat feeder 😹
  • In addition, he has drawn a litten right on top of him, he sure is waiting for his food to drop! 🤤
  • Well, I leave you the fanart below, that’s worth more than a thousand words:
image 7 16

What do you think? The truth is that it is very funny to see little Rotom turned into a cat feeder. But hey, surely stranger things have been seen on the internet. And if we talk about people’s imagination… Let’s see, think that Rotom can be transformed into EVERYTHING that is electric. Throughout. Well, a thousand things occur to me, really. How would you like to see Rotom?

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