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BeInCrypto – The developers of Pokémon Go, the well-known video game firm Niantic, has decided to take the NBA to the metaverse.

In this sense, it is how the creators of the Pokémon video games have begun to work on creating an NBA game in the metaversewhich will be released this Tuesday, January 24, globally.

John Hanke, the president and CEO of Niantic, the company that created the game, stated:

“The telephone is the perfect instrument to materialize a -metaverse in the real world- that is accessible and has a social dimension. It is important that we encourage social interactions in the real world, such as going out, going to a restaurant or meeting friends. Putting on a VR (virtual reality headset) and playing alone seems very lonely and scary to me. I trust that humanity does not go in this direction”

NBA All-World is the new game for the metaverse created by Niantic. Inside this new game from the NBA metaverse, the players will have to travel through the streets of the gamewhere they will meet virtual basketball players, who will be famous players like Lebron James or other users, as is done in Pokémon Go.

Players will be able to carry out different games with famous professional players and different challenges or mini games.

The president of Niantic explains that just like in the well-known Pokémon game, where players could enter a new adventure just by using their phone, in this new game players will be able to challenge the main basketball stars and enter the new metaverse of the NBA.

The worldwide launch of the new NBA game will take place this coming Tuesday, where players will be able to carry out different game rounds against your favorite playersby using the avatars of different players within the metaverse.

During 2022, we could see the launch of various games within the metaverse, such as the well-known fast food company Maruchan who launched its metaverse known as Maruchan Land.

Games in the metaverse have been one of the strongest trends during 2022 and this year will undoubtedly be one of the most important years for the metaverse industry. Especially when we see companies like Niantic creating a unique new experience for millions of people around the worldNow in basketball.

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