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In a few days the year 2023 will begin and, as usual, Niantic has just announced all the news it has prepared for trainers. One of the most anticipated regular events is the Featured Pokémon Hour. In this sense, Pokémon GO Share the protagonists of the month of January.

During the weeks of the next month, this Pokémon GO event will take place every Tuesday at 6:00 pm (local time). In each hour a different creature will stand out and there will be special bonuses. These will be the protagonists:

Tuesday, January 3: Alola Sandshrew

This creature will be featured and Pokémon GO trainers will earn double XP for each Pokémon evolution. This creature is of the ice and steel type, in addition to the fact that it originates from the Alola region. Its evolution is Alola Sandslash (50 candies).

Tuesday January 10: Swirlix

This type creature Fairy will be the protagonist of the hour of the featured pokémon. Trainers will receive double the amount of Stardust per capture and will have a chance to find it in its shiny version. His evolution is Slurpuff (50 candies).

Tuesday January 17: Seedot

This week, the one who will appear frequently in the featured pokemon time It’s this grass type pokemon. During the event, players will get double XP per capture and some lucky ones will find it in its shiny version. His evolutions are Nuzleaf (25 candies) and Shiftry (100 candies).

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