Redfall will have an update for the Deluxe Edition that includes a DLC, and its price has already been leaked in the Microsoft Store

We’re really looking forward to seeing Redfall in action. After his great work in the Dishonored saga and the excellent Deathloop, now Arkane Studios has gone vampire. And it is precisely that Redfall is one of those great Xbox exclusives for 2023 that has just begun.

While we wait for Starfield’s turn, it seems that we will have to travel to the city of Redfall (in Massachusetts) to face hordes of vampires and creatures of the night.

According to close sources, Redfall is something like Arkane’s ”Far Cry”, since it will not only have an addictive cooperative mode but it will also be possible to play alone.


Redfall – Official Gameplay – Available on Game Pass

The title is currently in development for Xbox Series X|S and PCalthough of course it will join Game Pass from its launch day.

When? At the moment we don’t know, but remember that this week, on the 25th, a new Xbox and Bethesda stream will be held with news from Redfall, Forza 8 and Minecraft Legends.

Redfall Price and Editions


At this point we are no longer surprised to hear about billbill-kun. This is the insider who filters the PS Plus games every month, and his percentage of effectiveness is 100%. What’s more, he recently dared to launch GTA The Trilogy on Steam and the Epic Store.

now billbill-kun has revealed the official PVP of Redfall in Europeas well as an update for the Deluxe Edition that gives us some clues as to what it might include.

Microsoft has not ruled on this information, but, if true, it would confirm what they said a few months ago: the price of new generation first party launches would increase.

According to billbill-kun, Redfall will have a standard edition and a Deluxe Edition. If you purchase the simple edition, you can purchase a paid update that will give you access to new cosmetics and, presumably, a DLC/expansion.

Redfall - Leaked Images

Redfall for Xbox Series X|S will have a recommended price of 79.99 euros in Europe. We are talking, of course, about the price in the Microsoft Store, as well as the PVP that it will have in physical stores on its launch day.

Regardless of whether it can be found cheaper or not, 79.99 euros will be the official PVP of Redfall. That is to say, that Microsoft thus adopts the new pricing policy that they already dropped a long time ago.

Regarding the upgrade to convert the standard edition to the Deluxe Edition, apparently it will be 29.99 euros. Given the price, it almost certainly includes the season pass or major DLC.

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Next Wednesday the 25th, Microsoft will reveal new details about the game, and will almost certainly confirm the release date for the month of May. Rumors speak of a launch for the beginning of said month.

Redfall is one of the most promising games of the year, which will be available during the first semester in Xbox Series X|S, Windows, Steam and Game Pass. If the rumors are true, then possibly it will be released on May 2.

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