The favorites rule in the VCL

The VALORANT Challengers League He keeps his pulse steady in the playoffs. The eighth day has tipped the balance in favor of the day’s favorites and the VCL begins to mark the name of each one in the slots in which they are settling.

Rebels reunites with their game in Zaragoza

The rebels resolved by 13-9 a game where the offense and playing from the first minute to push the sites was what gave them the advantage.

The spike had the right role so that ZETA Gaming had to rotate in Icebox. Despite being a defensive map, the weaknesses of the hands were seen in the defense without being able to face the Jett of GatsH nor to the Killjoy of vo0kashu.

Between the two of them they marked the line of play, being the ones who opened the can and those who put the kills for the rebels.

In front, bbreakG, Buld and Saiz tried to return the points that they did in a tug of war. The Rebels defenses were not the best of their performances either and between the three of them, the Aragonese team pushed doing the most damage.

However, the individual performances of the French and the Russian marveled throughout the match with three 4Ks in total (two from the Frenchman, for one from Killjoy).

Falcons rebuild their nest with scrap metal and take flight

The Falcons recover from the setback against KPI by destroying Ramboot’s machinery.

The robots fought back, but it wasn’t enough for the tactical control they had on Falcons.

Between KILLDREAM and Guardy they took all the kills, although the first one with the Jett was the best openkiller of the whole game. The Spaniard’s Kayo was also very present in the confrontations since he not only delighted his teammates, but in round 5 he put the ACE that put one of the first nails on the coffin.

When changing sides they left with a 4-8 on track for six consecutive rounds. Nevertheless, those of shéd got up from this blow putting the tiealthough it was not enough to turn the score around and the Finn’s team ended up receiving five pushed that added to the final 8-13.

AYM can’t get out of the hole against CASE

The negrigualdas close one more day looking to settle on the podium. MiniBoo returns to lead the team accompanied by the world champion, Kiles being the ones that did the most damage about the Spanish quintet, even going so far as to put the kill block in round 3.

Despite the fact that the first half ended with a very even result (5-7), the second half CASE brought out the heavy artillery and he did not let AYM defend himself against anything, which he barely could defuse a spike. Therefore, the 6-13 governed the result so that Those of Yurii close the intermediate day of the week as bronze on the podium.

UCAM is intolerant to cheese

The cheeses keep winning and don’t miss a beat on the throne of the VCL. A new victory falls on UCAM Tokiers who fought hard and turned the second half into an endless doubt where for each defense or defeat of the spike, the Murcians scrambled and scratched one more round, delaying an initial 8-4 that seemed insurmountable.

However, Team Queso put an end to the problems with a final defeat without frills that gave them 13-9.

H1ber and UNFAKE were once again the ones that put the metronome into play and between Jett and Sova, respectively, the difference between each team was widening more and more. The key to Team Queso is clear: play as a team and in order.

KPI remains in command with hitman B1SK

By last, Movistar Riders drowns before the impregnable board of KPI. A first part in which B1SK devastated the riders rushing every corner of Pearl together with Insider’s Killjoy. The Russian duo continues to do wonders in the competition, not only because of how they move and break the rounds, but also because of the strategy they use when opening the can of each round and winning superiority.

The first half ended with a sovereign 2-10 with two 4K from B1SK and no way to see Riders spawn in the match.

When changing sides, the situation improved for the riders who bet on dimaxx and Nixerino, although the little margin and the order they had in KPI made them lose 7-13.

Matchday 8 closes almost the first round with two leaders that neither seem to want to miss out on the regular season title. This equality reaches such an extent that the rounds won amount in both cases to 102 and there’s only a difference of two less in favor of KPI for these to be the firmest leaders in the VCL.

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