They steal the source code of League of Legends: Riot Games receives blackmail that it will not pay

Riot Games has confirmed that the source code of two of their most popular games, League of Legends Y Teamfight Tactics, has been stolen. The company already announced a few days ago that they had received an attack through social engineering, the same method that was used in other well-known thefts such as that of security material. GTA 6, although at that time they did not specify what it was about. We now know that the source code for both games has been stolen, as well as its anti-cheat system.

“As promised, we wanted to give you information about the state of the cyber attack from last week. Over the weekend, our analysis confirmed that the attackers extracted the source code of League of Legends, TFT and an anti-cheat platform,” says Riot Games in its official Twitter accountin which they also explain that they have received blackmail from the thieves, although they will not give in to: “Today we received a ransom email. Needless to say we won’t pay“.

How does theft affect games and players?

One of the first things that they have wanted to make clear from Riot Games is that the personal data of the players have not been compromised: “The most important thing is that we trust that no data or personal information of the players was compromised,” they say from their official account.

That does not mean that the theft of this code will not have repercussions in the game: from Riot they explain that this situation can cause the proliferation of new traps and cheats in League of Legends Y Teamfight Tactics, although they are already working on avoiding them. They also ensure that the production cycle has been altered and that game modes and experimental mechanics could be revealed they do not have to reach the commercial version of the games.

“We have made a lot of progress since last week and We believe that we will have it repaired throughout this week, which will allow us to stay on our regular patch cadence going forward. The teams of League Y TFT will update you soon on what this means for each game,” end up explaining from Riot Games.

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