Top 10 Minecraft Clients To Boost FPS

With so many moving parts in Minecraft, the inner workings of the game can get bogged down over time. The vanilla version of Minecraft: Java Edition usually works well enough, but some people want more. With that in mind, you should consider using a client that can increase your FPS. Here are the best Minecraft clients for that purpose.

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The best Minecraft clients to boost FPS


Badlion is a long-time customer who has amassed quite a following. Of course, it runs smoothly and is configured to be PvP ready with its own client-side anti-cheat system. There are also a ton of built-in mods and a group of moderators who regularly keep up with what’s going on in your game.


BatMod has big claims to improve its performance on an FPS and lag front, but it also packs in other features like a customizable HUD and tons of character skin cosmetics. It even has a way to link to your Spotify account to see what’s playing without needing to go back.


The name of this client is a dead giveaway: BetterFPS adds performance improvements while working to be compatible with other mods. These enhancements can be enabled or disabled through the in-game options menu. One of the main features of the client includes memory preallocation, which helps gamers if their computer’s memory is low by removing the 10MB RAM preallocation. However, if you have enough memory, this feature is not effective.

pen customer

Feather Client used to require people to pay for it, but now you can host your own server for absolutely free. This client has built-in voice chat and allows you to add your own mods to the mix.

Foam Fix

The purpose of this client is to optimize Minecraft when you have numerous mods installed at once. The main feature includes faster startup times. This client is ideal if you are the type of player who tends to modify their Minecraft experience a lot. When using FoamFix, it is essential to ensure that you are using the most up-to-date version for performance purposes.


Like everything else on this list, LabyMod is a good option if your PC is having trouble running Minecraft. It offers in-game voice chat, fully customizable characters, really fast updates, and has a ton of useful features to get the most out of your experience.

moon client

Lunar Client is another long running and very successful client that has snapped tons of mods with the FPS performance boost you get from playing it. They say that in most cases you will see up to twice as many frames in your game, even if you have a poor computer.


Regarded as one of the best clients for increasing FPS in Minecraft, Sodium is a must-try for gamers looking to maximize their overall performance in the game. To install it, you will need three things: the Sodium mod itself, the Fabric Launcher, and the Fabric API. Once loaded and installed in the game, go ahead and toggle F3, which by default shows your FPS, among many other performance screens. You should notice significantly higher frame rates right out of the box.


This is recognized to allow Minecraft to run faster, look better, and provide full support for HD textures and numerous configuration options. Client features include increased FPS, decreased lag spikes, smooth gameplay, variable render distance, fog control, and many other performance tweaks.


If you are a fan of vanilla Minecraft, then this client is for you. Features include improving performance, fixing bugs, and providing assistance if the game tries to crash completely, kicking you back to the main menu and offering to load your report. It is not uncommon for this client to increase FPS three times, which is very impressive.


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