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First-year students of the Information Systems Engineering degree at the University of Cuenca del Plata organized a simulation of a video game tournament as a closing activity for the semester.

“The freshmen set up a game server and set up the clients, which are the machines connected to the server. They put together a client-server prototype using a video game (in this case, Counter Strike) and transformed the laboratory into a gamer platform”, comments the Race Director Ing. José Luis Medina. “The general idea is to repeat the activity the following year.”

In addition, the Academic Analyst participated in the activity. Federico Monges and the Director of the Degree in Nutrition, Ana Estrada.

about the race

The Information Systems Engineering career lasts 5 years, it also grants an intermediate degree of University Analyst in Information Systems. It provides the necessary training to plan, direct, carry out and/or evaluate projects of: survey, analysis, specification, design, development, implementation, verification, validation, tuning, maintenance and updating of information systems, related software indirectly to hardware and data communication systems.

The career is oriented so that future professionals are capable of determining, applying and controlling political strategies for the development of Information Systems and Software, as well as organizing and directing Systems areas; develop, design, implement and/or evaluate methods and standards to follow in matters of information security and data processed, generated and/or transmitted by the software, among others.

Registration for the 2023 cycle is now open. For more information, you should contact whatsapp 3794045283 or email [email protected] . You will also find information on social networks such as the University of the Cuenca del Plata Sede Posadas.

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