Among Us VR is a total success in Virtual Reality

During the last two months, Among Us VR has caused a stir among the gaming community virtual realityreaching an unexpected success with a million units sold in such little time.

The title was developed by Innersloth, Schell Games and Robot Teddy, Among Us VR hit the platforms Meta Quest and PC VR on November 10 2022, and the numbers speak for themselves.

The achievement of having sold a million copies has been achieved in much less than ten weeks, with more than 4 million games played, 44,000 games on average per day and more of 89,100,000 minutes dedicated to work, sabotage and betrayal. And if that was not enough, Among Us VR has reached players of 122 different countries.

The adaptation of Among Us VR has been a success

Although the original Innersloth game did not need improvementsSchell Games has made great job adapting Among Us for the environment of virtual reality. The recreation is excellent from the point of view of sound and graphics allowing great gameplay independent of that of the flat game.

From a virtual reality perspective, the game allows players to move freely across the stage to perform different tasks at the same time for win the gameAs in the original game, you will have to repair the light boxes, pilot the ship, repair the oxygen, but everything fully adapted to VR.

Also, players who take the assassin role they can hide in air ducts and appear at certain times while the crew members do their homework. Obviously you can travel to the iconic Monitor game areas, such as the cockpit, the laboratory, and the meeting room.

Victoria Tran, Innersloth Community Director, showed herself grateful for the support of the community and the speed with which they have been achieved these record numbers seeing that the platform of the Virtual Reality can be very profitable if things are done right.

Among Us VR Coming to PlayStation VR2 on February 22

Also, the version for Playstation VR2 expected for the next February 22 as a launch game, and it can also be purchased from now on €9.99 in Meta Quest (including cross-buying with the Rift platform on PC) and on Steam for €8.19.

I think it’s a game you could spend a few hours and lots of laughs, especially if you have friends to play it with. Yes even then, you don’t know to many people who have Spanish-speaking Virtual RealityI recommend that you enter our Discord, where We are already more than 5,000 people lovers of this technology.

On the contrary, if you have just landed in this world and want to play good games in Virtual Reality and you have Quest 2, I recommend you that you throw A look to these 10 Quest 2 games you should try.

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