Auronplay reveals the prize for the winner of Extreme Minecraft

Minecraft Extreme has just started and Auronplay He already talks about the prize for the winner. The series will last approximately two weeks and the first day has been loaded with deaths. Participants have 3 lives to reach the end, although some like Carola and Elxokas they only have one left.

At the beginning of his stream, Auronplay talks to his chat before starting the first day of Extreme Minecraft. That is when the possible prize for the winner of the series begins to be considered. One suggestion was the entry to Tortilla Land 3, but Auron does not see it as viable as he considers it a long and more intimate series, both for himself and for the admins. Therefore, he may not want the winner to participate or even the winner is already a guest like Zorman for example and the prize ceases to make sense.

What it has ensured is that if the winner of Minecraft Extreme is not among the participants of the Squid Craft Games 2, you will receive an invitation. “I’ll talk to Komanche, she won’t have any problem,” Auronplay assured during his live broadcast. The second part of the Squid Craft Games will have a much higher participation than the previous one. Up to 200 international content creators will join the series, among which the participation of Amouranth and of xQc.

Apart from the invitation, Auron already joked with this tweet showing that the winner will only receive a diploma signed with a good kiss. We do not know what will happen at the end of the series or when it will end, taking into account the large number of deaths experienced during the first day. What we do know is that Minecraft Extreme can be one of the best series of the year and that it has just started.

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