Dominican MiniNiwde debuts with victory at the NECC Games

Last weekend the activations beganthe new semester of the competition of the National Esports Collegiate Conference (NECC), one of the largest collegiate esports conferences in the United States. This year started with 7 games that were played throughout the week: League Of Legends, Rainbow Six, Valorant, Overwatch, Smash Bros, Rocket League and Smite are the 7 disciplines in which they compete for university glory.

Since last year Lenin Mateo Matos “MiniNiwde” received the assignment from Oklahoma Wesleyan University to serve in the university as a Valorant player and for the first team game he started as a starter in the match against Kennesaw State University.

In the best of 3 matchup, it started on the Ascent map where after a sticky start in the first 10 points, the University of Oklahoma would take off and a run of 6 points and finished the first game with a score of 13-5. The second was a copy of the first and after taking an early lead the Oklahoma team sentenced the second to win by 2 maps to 0 on this first day.

Next weekend the actions continue in the follow-up of the Dominican MiniNiwde in the contest.

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