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The 2022 edition of the Red Bull Campus Clutch tournament gave much to talk about, with the victory of the American team over Canada. So we get down to work to prepare the next edition of this university tournament, just as you should if you want to participate. By the way, Omen players, we have a little guide to help you deal firewood:

History: “A true ghost of times past, Omen hunts in the dark. Blinding enemies, teleporting from one end of the battlefield to the other, spreading fear among his opponents as they wonder who their next victim will be.”

Basic Skill 1 – Paranoia

Instantly fires a shadow projectile forward, briefly reducing the vision range of all players it touches. The projectile can pass through walls.

Basic Skill 2 – Dark Apparition

Equip a Shadowwalk ability and reveal its range indicator. Fire to initiate a brief channeling period, then teleport to the designated location.

Signature Ability – Dark Veil

Equip a Shadow Orb and reveal its range indicator. Fire to launch the Shadow Orb at the targeted location, generating a long-lasting Shadow Sphere that blocks vision. Press and hold alt fire mode when aiming to make the marker move further away. Hold down the ability key to make the marking get closer.

Cost: 100 credits – 2 charges of which 1 is free – 30 second recharge

Ultimate Ability – From the Shadows

Equip a tactical map. Fire to start teleporting to the selected location. While teleporting, Omen will appear as a shadow that enemies can destroy to cancel his teleportation.

When using Dark Apparition (C), the first thing to think about is where you want to move and why. This ability is one of the few on the entire list that can be used before the assault begins, allowing you to position yourself over key locations to create more unpredictable encounters with the enemy team. You can also gain or transmit information before using Dark Apparition to counter that information and/or lure the enemy team into a trap by making them think you’re trapped. This ability is one of the most underrated in his arsenal, just as effective on offense as it is on defense. Dark Apparition can allow Omen players to flank enemy lines or even position themselves above emplacements. The only noise this ability makes comes from where it is cast, so Omen that warp are completely silent when they exit.

It is essential to use Paranoia (A) to stop enemy onslaughts or take strategic places on the map. The impact of this ability is greater than kills and damage. Create chaos for a brief moment so your team can reposition or make the right decisions and gain intel on enemy positions. If you hear enemy player footsteps, use Paranoia on chokepoints and large areas to throw them off balance so you can spot and kill them, or hold them back until you can get reinforcements.

It is essential to use the Paranoia (A) ability of the Valorant ghost Omen to stop enemy onslaughts or take strategic places on the map.

Omen’s Paranoia skill is essential


Dark Veil (E) is Omen’s second projectile. Throws an orb that can go through walls and most of the map. Due to the distance this ability can travel, Omen can locate parts of the map that his teammates can use as cover, even if he doesn’t benefit directly, or he can use it as a distraction to fool the enemy team. The created orb is safe for Omen and his teammates to move through or into. A smart way to stack the abilities is to throw smoke bombs and use Dark Apparition (C) to move inside one of them and press on a key part of the map, get information on the number of enemies, or reposition yourself with less vulnerability. Thanks to its short cooling time, it is recommended to use it as many times as necessary.

Omen players need to be very careful when teleporting around the map, as they can easily be spotted by a coordinated team. Timing is essential when engaging in combat, as you will need to take down one or more enemies before they discover you or you risk being in a very awkward position and away from your teammates.

This should give you a chance to cash in during the next edition of Campus Clutch.

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