Is it the end of Yuumi? Patch 13.1b kills off the champion

Hours ago, Riot Games presented us with the official 13.1b patch notes from League of Legends. Although not all updates could be added, the main changes will be available in the video game. Attending to the notes we realize that they are finally here the improvements on some ADCs that already requested them. Of course, what we can highlight is an expected nerf about a Yuumi whom no one wants to see.

Well, after a break to review what had happened, the community has realized that the nerf Yuumi’s isprobably, the chronicle of a death foretold. This for many is a joy, especially considering that Yuumi has always been one of the most hated champions in all of League of Legends. The her not being able to target her when she is inside an ally, added to the ability to heal and give more power to the host of her lThey have become that champion that nobody wants to see in their games.

Yuumi, the hated champion that Riot destroyed in patch 13.1b

Although Riot Games is looking for a way to apply some small rework looking aheadfirst of all the nerf. A series of debuffs that have made let the majority say goodbye to her for a long time. «In light of the changes coming very soon to ADCs, we’re going to nerf Yuumi once more while we continue to work on the rework.” They stood out from Riot Games.

Of course, both Twitter and Reddit have been filled with posts claiming that Riot has killed this champion. Yuumi currently has a 45% of win rate starting at Platinumso the surprise of this nerf it has been capital letter However, considering the priority and power she has in professional matches, it is likely that Riot attacked the champion considering that situation.

It remains to wait to find out what kind of rework Riot Games is on their hands and if the developers manage to bring this champion back to life, albeit with a somewhat healthier skill kit.

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