Josedeodo’s Estral begins by crushing Isurus 2-0

As a welcome dish of the La Liga Latinoamericana de League Of Legends LLA the eagles of Estral and their acquisition the return of the legendary tuki Joseodo began the actions of the 2023 opening split against a depleted Team Isurus that advocated the synergy of its botlane. With the new best-of-3 format and the facelift, the day promised endless emotions.

The first game began with orthodox compositions, on the one hand the shark grabbed the already classic Lucian/Nami and the new K’sante, on the other hand Estral placed a Vi in the hands of Tuki and a combination of Ashe/Caitlyn in the lane lower. The first play of the LLA welcomed Josedeodo in a dagarracos rotation trying to surprise Grell, Josedeodo started a 1v1 at minute 3 and Tuki gave up first blood along with his summoners. After this, Isurus showed his weak point in the botlane, and after a 3v3 countergank, Estral began to stomp the game from the bottom lane.

For the second game a little tighter at the beginning but again the lower part was part of the debacle of the sharks, in this case Lucian/Nami was in the hands of Estral together with Josedeodo’s Wukong, they passed the broom 2- 0 and calls into question the structure of the Isurus team.

Estral fulfilled what was expected by the fans and imposed himself with authority in the team’s debut.

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