Melilla Titans, The Last Monk, Team Aku Aku and MIV Gaming complete the 8 teams of the Radiant League

ANDhe year 2023 has already begun, and with it the esports competitions in our country. The first in the VALORANT world has been the VCL Rising, the first division, which is already in the middle of the spring split.

But of course, we couldn’t be long without the best amateur division. The Radiant League will return this coming February 1 in its second split of this season, after finishing the winter one that Five won. In addition, this season comes with multiple changes, which give rise to a league full of surprises, but with big names.

Four starts of the competition

It’s been a tough offseason in the VALORANT amateur. Several of the teams that were part of the Radiant League last season have decided to change their objectives and leave the Riot shooter aside for the moment.

Specifically, there have been three teams that have dissolved this section, coming out of the Storm Circuit competition: Bisons, Jokers and Toools. With disparate positions in the past season, all have decided to disassociate themselves. Bisons, in its alliance with Ex0tik, was in penultimate position; Jokers got a good third position, and Toools deflated in the playoffs, where they lost 2-0 against Zeta.

The fourth in contention, who will also not participate in the next Radiant League will be precisely Zeta. The Kase-O set has taken advantage of the situation of open places in the VCL Rising, the highest Spanish VALORANT competition. Thus, they have obtained a position and are fighting against the best in the country.

The best of the Storm, tested

With these four holes to fill, the league had to think about who could be the best relief to fill them. Finally, from GGTech they have decided that these are the boys who had stood out the most in the Storm Circuit in the last edition..

For this reason, and before Jokers decided to leave their plaza aside, It was decided that the Bisons, Toools and Zeta slots would be occupied by the Melilla Titans, MIV and Team Aku Aku, the three teams with the most points in the 2022 Storm Circuit.

Y With that last gap left by Rubn Garcia’s clowns, the monkeys from The Last Monk, a union of Escriba Gaming and The Last Monarch, joined the Radiant League. Thus, we already have the 8 teams that will make up this category, and that will bring us vibrant matches starting on February 1st.

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