Riot Presents The Largest Global Tournament In VALORANT History: VCT Lock/In

R.iot Games always tends to innovate. The North American developer has gradually changed all the formats of its two main games, League of Legends and VALORANTlooking for those that best suit what viewers of these esports are looking for.

Now, to kick off this new season of VALORANT International, We will live the VCT Lock / In, the largest tournament in the history of Riot’s shooter. The best in the world will come together in it, in a 32-team bracket full of top-level competition and surprises.

The 32 best in the world

At first, and as reported by Riot, There were only going to be 30 participating teams. This is logical: the 10 of VCT Americas, their counterparts of VCT EMEA and the last 10 of VCT Pacifico. However, things have changed in recent weeks.

After allowing the Chinese government the arrival of VALORANT in the Asian countryRiot has decided to have a gesture with them, and include in the bracket, to have teams representing all parts of the world, two Chinese teams.

These will be EDG and FPX, two teams with a long international career in LoL, but who had no option to develop their VALORANT teams in their home country. In fact, FPX played last year’s VCT in EMEA, and even claimed the Copenhagen Masters title.

An innovative format

As if bringing together the best players in the world was not enough, Riot has added even more interest to this tournament. Under the premise of ‘no room for error’ (there is no room for error), the developer has placed the teams in a direct elimination bracket.

If they lose any BO3 they play, they are out., either in the first, second or third rounds. The clashes of semifinals and final, however, they will become a B05with more matches and maps to be played by the teams.

To separate them in the bracket, two groups have been designated, Alpha and Omega, one to form the left part of the frame, and another to take the right. The three Spanish teams (Giants, Team Heretics and KOI) are on the same sideso they will have to find each other before a hypothetical final.

These are all the data and characteristics of VCT LockIn Sao Paulo, the first international VALORANT event in Brazil, which will kick off the 2023 VCT ​​season, and allow us to see the best players in the world in action.

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