St Peter’s School, a step further in education

The mission of the St Peter’s School project is to prepare students for the world to come. To do this, the school goes one step beyond the traditional curriculum and incorporates in its classrooms the knowledge, application and discussion of the most recent technologies and scientific advances, from blockchain to the latest version of GPT-3.5, introduced in classes as pedagogical resource that raises questions about what consequences its use will have in the future.

Scientific laboratory: LAB 06

St Peter’s is the first school to introduce a children’s laboratory from 0 to 6 years of age, with the aim of promoting curiosity and scientific knowledge from the first year of life.

Futures Literacy

This capacity for scientific analysis and inquiry is incorporated at all stages through “Futures Literacy”, skills promoted by institutions such as Unesco or Teach The Future, which help students to know how to detect signs and patterns. of change in the present, with the aim of influencing and changing the future.

IB Continuum in English

The framework and methodology of education is the International Baccalaureate: St Peter’s is the only school in Barcelona that is validated to teach the IB in all its stages (IB Continuum), a methodology based on inquiry and transversal conceptualization.

Blockchain Certification

St Peter’s develops, in collaboration with the Blockchain Center of Catalonia, a project to certify and validate the portfolio of its students with NFT technology.

Stem Projects

The strong focus on STEM in the St Peter’s curriculum includes projects such as Ália, for which he has been selected by the CCCB, and which aims to bring knowledge and research on the brain closer to Secondary. It is a perfect combination of neuroscience and art, as the final result will be reflected in the creation of a comic. Other projects include the creation and launch of CanSats, microsatellites that 3rd year ESO students devise and design in collaboration with the European Space Agency; or the design of a more sustainable city using Minecraft, in collaboration with the UPC.

New Leaders: Young Edgers

St Peter’s has been chosen as a pioneer school to explore the concept of Edgers, enthusiastic, strategic, pragmatic leaders who work with a vision of the future and know how to convince that it is worth working together to make it happen. Edgers need critical and visionary skills, based on scientific and humanistic knowledge, and always directed towards action and change.

open innovation committee

Designing an innovative curriculum, adapted to the present and open to the future requires incorporating the voices of experts from different scientific-technical, economic and humanistic disciplines. The second meeting of the members of the Innovation Committee took place in December, whose ideas and advice serve to further improve the educational curriculum at St Peter’s.

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