Summary of the first round VCL RISING: KPI first solo and triple tie in the lower part

Lhe VCL Rising MediaMarkt Intel, the highest national VALORANT competition, has reached its halfway point this Tuesday. After its start at the beginning of January, nine days have already passed, just half of the 18 that make up its calendar.

By now we already have teams that are proving their level, as well as teams that are below expectations and some breakout team names. Let’s review these first three weeks of the LVP competition.

First week: KPI and Rebels stand out, AYM and Ramboot sink

In the first three days of the season, there were two clubs to highlight specifically. on the good side, KPI, which ended with a 3-0 and as first in the table. on the bad side, AYM, which could not be found on the server and fell in all three matchesstarting with a tough 1-13 against the Falcons but slowly evolving over the next two matchups.

Next to them, from above came a rebels who perhaps did not have so much faith, but who knew how to take advantage of all the maps and also culminated the week with an immaculate score of 3-0. rambootfor his part, accompanied AYM in the lower part, falling 0-3.

In the middle table, one of the favourites, Team Cheese, with H1ber and Lowel, finished 2-1, after losing against KPItied with falconswhich could not prevail over CASE and with ZETA, which I lost with the same cheeses. A good start for two of the new teams in the first division.

The disappointment of this first week, perhaps because of what was expected of them, was CASE, who could only beat Falcons, and who, after losing against UCAM and Team Queso, was far from the first position which he got in the summer of 2022. The same UCAM did not achieve any more victory, and together with Movistar Riders they accompanied Casemiro’s men in that lower half of the table.

Second week: Case and Team Queso have arrived to stand up

The day of Sunday, January 15, began the second week of the VCL Rising. In it, the tables turned, and both CASE and Team Queso took off, with a 3-0 lead, getting closer to KPI and Rebels.

These two teams, for their part, fell only once in these three games. KPI relented against Rebels, and the Rebels, for their part, couldn’t beat a CASE that gave them no choice in Ascent, in which it has already been proclaimed as the classic of the Rising. also they got a 2-1 Falcons and UCAM, which remained in the middle table. The first ones fell against the Rebels, and the university students did not stand up in their direct duel with the hawks, who arrived with enthusiasm and closed the Ascent 13-1.

AYM was the only team to only take one win that week. Beating Riders on Monday, it seemed that Sikako’s men could see the light at the end of the tunnel, but on Tuesday they didn’t beat UCAM. precisely hehe riders fell, this week, into the same well that AYM had tested in the previous one. A 0-3 placed them at the bottom of the classification, making it difficult for them to come back to reach the playoffs. Finally, Ramboot repeated his performance from the first weekand lost the three games I played.

Week 3: KPI dominates and Ramboot, Riders and AYM tie at the bottom

The last week has been the one that began on Sunday, January 22. In it there has been a clear winner, the team that currently dominates the classification and that is running as the main candidate after the first round. KPI got a 3-0 after beating Falcons, Riders and CASE. As a special note we must say that The Falcons didn’t have their best day, going down without getting a round, 13-0.

After them, this week both Rebels, like Team Queso, Falcons, CASE and UCAM got a 2-1. This denotes the maximum equality that there is in the middle table of the competition, which even so is very far from the bottom. LThe rebels fell against Team Quesowhich in turn is surprised by falconswhile they lost against KPIs, same set against which he fell CASE. UCAMFor his part, he gave his arm to twist against the cheeses, in an Icebox that they did not know how to overcome the attack.

The lower part, unfortunately for the three teams that inhabit it, is also the same. Last week lasts for Movistar Riders and AYMwho finished again without seeing a victory in their locker. Ramboot, for his part, has changed his coach, and it seems that the entry of Rau7e and Starky is having an effect on them.since they beat AYM and are no longer the red lantern.

Current standings VCL Rising: Spain

After these three weeks, with 9 games already played, the table is pretty tight. First and foremost is KPI, which has posted an 8-1 record. Following them, hot on their heels with both 7-2 go Team Queso and Rebels. The third step, just one map of these is occupied by CASE and Falcons, with a 6-3. Finally, UCAM closes the playoff positions, with five wins and four losses.

Out of the post-season positions we find four teams. The highest is ZETA, that governed by Saiz, is not being able to close the parties and take advantage of their opportunities. At 3-6 they need to improve to move up the rankings. And far behind them, in a three-way tie for the bottom of the table, are Movistar Riders, Ramboot and AYM. Although these three teams were a priori the weakest in the tierlists, the truth is that of the riders I know that a little more was expected. We’ll see if any of the three surprises and fights to reach the middle table in the second half of the season.

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