the first event of 2023 with Microsoft exclusives for the coming months

Microsoft and Xbox made the creation of a Nintendo Direct-style show official with the announcement of Developer_Direct. The North American company is eager for show off what they have harvested after the purchase of Bethesda, as well as other franchises linked to the company.

so in Xataka Mexico we tell you how and at what time to see this eventas well as what has so far been confirmed to take place during the first Xbox Developer_Direct.

When, where and at what time to watch the Developer Direct?

In our country, you will be able to see this event in a 100% digital way from 2:00 p.m. Central Mexico. She so she let him see the official count on Twitter of Xbox Mexico, where they have mentioned that “we will have an exclusive look at several games directly from their developers”.

In Xataka Mexico Y 3D Games LATAM We will broadcast the event live and with comments in Spanish. This transmission will begin at 1:45 p.m., fifteen minutes before Developer_Direct and you can enjoy it from our official Facebook and YouTube accounts. It will be necessary to prepare the popcorn and the drink to be able to see how this first Xbox show turns out.

What has been confirmed for this Developer Direct

Minecraft Legends

So far, the presence of four Xbox Game Studios titles has been confirmed, ranging from Bethesda’s ‘Redfall’, to news from ‘Minecraft Legends’, the new bet from Mojang Studios and Blackbird Interactive. Of course, without forgetting ‘Forza Motorsport’, of which we already had advances during the Xbox & Bethesda Showcase from last year, as well as ‘The Elder Scrolls Online’.

  • The Elder Scrolls Online’: Matt Firor, game director, will be in charge of showing us the updates that ‘ESO’ will include for the 2023 chapter, such as the new regions of Tamriel that will be added to the game. After Developer_Direct, Zenimax Online Studios will start its own event to go into more detail.
  • ‘Forza Motorsport’: disclosure is expected gameplay for this title, developer by Turn 10 Studios, harnessing the power of the new generation of Xbox consoles.
  • ‘Minecraft Legends’: We already know many details regarding this new development by Mojang Studios, however, for this event they have prepared a PvP demonstration of their title. Wait for more exclusive details.
  • ‘Redfall’: Arkane Austin, will show a few minutes of gameplay from his next FPS. In addition to having glimpses of the gameplay in individual and multiplayer, to fully enter the confrontations with vampires. Combat, customization, bosses, and the size of the open world will be introduced.

So you see, there will be chili, mole and pozole, from an FPS where we have to kill the “bloodsuckers”, to exciting racing installments for motor fanatics, without forgetting the adventures in the overworld from ‘Minecraft’ or updates to ‘The Elder Scrolls Online’.

Rumors, theories and speculations


With this being the first Developer_Direct, it’s unclear if any surprises will be in store for the event. On Xbox they have appeared very transparent about the program, so there have not been many rumors about it.

Despite everything, it was leaked from Xbox Germany that during the show we will know the release dates of ‘Redfall’, ‘Minecraft Legends’ and ‘Forza Motorsport’. That would be the biggest speculation of all, but if you want a little “spicy,” thanks to the Activision Blizzard buyout drama, documents shared with the FTC indicate there are three Bethesda titles in development for release on their platform. .

If we’re lucky, maybe they’ll give us a little preview of the above, to finally find out what that third game is that Xbox and Bethesda are up to. Speaking of which, and in case you were still wondering, ‘Starfield’ will not appear in this Developer_Directthat’s how Bethesda herself let him see.

Join us for the #DeveloperDirect brought to you by Xbox and Bethesda, featuring major updates to ‘Minecraft Legends,’ ‘Redfall,’ ‘Forza Motorsport,’ and ‘The Elder Scrolls Online.’

In order to dedicate the right amount of time for a deep dive into ‘Starfield’, a separate program is in the works.

We will have to wait a bit more to have fresh material regarding the expected title of Bethesda Softworks.

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