this is the new game for your mobile that wants to make you walk

It’s easy to forget, but in its day Pokémon Go was a true mass phenomenon, one of those applications capable of changing your life; suddenly, everyone was looking for places of interest in their city, and going out to walk to crack the missing egg.

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The Pokémon Go premise has not worked well in recent years, in which we have had to stay locked up at home for longer; but now, Niantic believes that the time has come to ride again, this time, with a different motivation.

NBA Pokemon Go

That is the most simplistic way in which we can describe NBA All-World, the new game that Niantic has released worldwide for Android or iOS smartphones. And I say simplistic because, in the end, it’s basically that: you also have to explore your environment, this time looking for famous NBA players to add to your team (with a one-on-one minigame instead of Pokémon combat). We still have the 3D map view, where we can find events near our location, and “gyms”, which are now courts.

NBA All-World

In the same way that Pokémon Go was inspired by the competitions of the games and the TV series, NBA All-World is inspired by street games, in that idealized image that we have of American movies in which every three streets there is a court with a game in progress.

In fact, the game will automatically detect nearby basketball courts and stadiums and assign them to the game, so it can be a way to rediscover the local side of this sport. Besides, virtual courts will appear in locations close to yours from time to time.

NBA All-World

Todo esto lleva a la principal mecánica del juego, “Rule the Court”, en la que tendremos que competir en desafíos de clasificación para obtener el primer puesto en nuestra cancha favorita, una posición que se reiniciará cada semana para fomentar la competitividad. El otro aliciente estará en obtener objetos como equipaciones poco comunes con las que vestir a los jugadores, incluyendo zapatillas y accesorios.

Será interesante ver cómo evoluciona NBA All-World, y si generará más interés sobre el baloncesto y la NBA en particular.

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