Valorant’s arrival on other platforms will take longer than expected

In a new announcement, Riot Games explained that Valorant will be coming out on other platforms, but it won’t be very soon.

So far, Riot Games’ competitive shooter is only available on PC, and it will remain that way for a while. This Tuesday, the developer released a video about what will come in Valorant this year and explained that its arrival on other platforms is not yet close. Among other things, they clarified that the project is underway but that “they are taking longer than expected.”

Recently, Valorant entered its third season since its release back in 2020 and it continues to be a success. However, Riot Games does not plan to sit idly by and constantly renews the content, with new game modes such as swiftplaymaps like Lotus, etc. On Tuesday, the company published a video where Anna Donlon, executive producer of Valorant, and Andy Ho, Game Director, talked about the novelties that 2023 will bring. Although they did not reveal too many details, They clarified that the arrival of Valorant on other platforms will have to wait.

“We continue to work on bringing Valorant to new platforms. This is going slower than we expected and probably slower than you expected, but it’s because we want to do it right,” Donlon explained. As we know, the company launched a beta for Valorant Mobile in China during 2022, although it is also expected to reach consoles such as Xbox and Play Station.

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In addition to this news, the video also talked about the arrival of Premier, the game mode that will connect the professional field and the game. This modality was launched last year with its Alpha phase in Brazil, but it seems that it will be available to the whole world in 2023.

By last, Donlon left a spoiler near the end of the video. when mentioning the name «Team Deathmatch». This is a multiplayer game mode, popular among shooters, which aims to Eliminate members of the opposing team as many times as possible. Generally, it has two ways to play. In the first, the winner is the team that has eliminated its rival the most times at the end of time. On the other hand, in the second one, the one who first reaches the indicated number of casualties wins.

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In short, it seems that we will have to wait a little longer to play Valorant on other devices, although the game promises a lot this year.

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