Why have you been kicked out of Minecraft Extreme and what happened to Marina Rivers?

on the neck of Markilokuras you can read a “Don’t Ban Me” followed by a heart, a joke that is not so much because the content creator has received countless penalties for, ahem, crazy with k. They are what he calls his pot starts, and since last night he can add another notch to his gaming setup.

“This turkey is an asshole bro“, he said, referring to his buddy and also a streamer JCorko. A misunderstanding during the Extreme Minecraft games that they both played ended with Badajoz making an unpleasant reference to Corko’s girlfriend: “As I see you I’m going to fuck the Navy [Rivers]that bitch of shit”.

An awkward silence followed the vulgarity, with a “you messed it up” from the tiktoker couple and an absolute indifference from the Fortnite specialist. The tiktoker did not take long to respond, and with this a giant sauce was put together on Tuesday night: “I hope you don’t treat all women like this, that they don’t let you play anymore, and that you apologize. How unfortunate.”

Said and done, the organizers of Minecraft Extreme did not have to wait for the reaction of the influencer and fired for obvious reasons. “I have already said everything I had to say to all the people who have been bothered by my comment,” said Marki, asking not to continue with the fuss set up between the fandoms of one and the other. “The moment I said it, I already knew that it’s not right,” he adds with a laughing emoticon“Oh well I know how I am and how I was and I’m fine“. Telita.

marki is accustomed to being kicked out, cancelled, banned or criticized, because his outbursts have been known for years. A tense conversation with her mother, to which she “frozes,” went viral when she lost her mind in a live broadcast and he literally beat himself up with an airbag. All because she suggested putting the air conditioning on during a game.

His continuous provocations, trash talk and controversies of all colors ended up costing him unofficially the place he had in Team Heretics, and although he has promised to amend (and it is true that he is more content), the tattoo on his neck should be taken more seriously. Not so much because they get banned (we all know that Twitch is not especially careful on that issue) as because the harm it can do to other people. And to himself.

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