Why is Jhin support coming to competitive LoL?

jhin support competitive LoL

Just a few hours ago we learned all the details of the new patch 13.1b of League of Legends, a new meta in the game that is more than necessary, but it is not the only novelty. The new season of competitive LoL is leaving us surprises like the new jhin support, which gradually makes its way. Although this choice is not entirely surprising, since it has been seen more in the South Korean SoloQ, the competitive scene is still speculating about the possibility of it being one of the choices in the rotations and thus getting all its juice out of it. This scenario has already started to be exported by support of XRD Cho Geon-hee”BeryL” weeks ago. The Korean player began to test this champion and we have already seen it so much in the LCKlike in the LEC and also for North America.

How to play Jhin support?

Mind you, this Jhin should go with Dark Harvest and branch inspiration for the boots and the biscuits. Once this is done, the first step is maximize the W to have good power daze Y then the E. A skill that will be very useful for us slow down and use a CC combo highly effective.

For the itemizationas is being seen for this Jhin support in competitive LoL, we will start with the Spectral Sickle. This object is core and from there we will vary based on what suits us best in game. For the rest, the presence of this shooter in such a particular role for him is still very much in its infancy. The new patch 13.2 can decide its future, but right now it seems like a very interesting option and with a great potential to take out

jhin support competitive LoL
Splash Art by Project Jhin / Source: Riot Games

Jhin arrives as a support to competitive LoL

The new metagame that has begun to be established in the highest level League of Legends is leaving us some surprises such as the return of a ryze immeasurable. In addition, he has been accompanied by new itemizations and builds for champions like ezreal. Along with this, perhaps the biggest surprise of all has arrived, as we mentioned a little above, and it is the appearance of a Jhin converted to the role of support. The current scenario is heavily focused on powerful toplaners like Maokai, K’Sante, and Ornn, which is leading players to look for new strategies.

With this type of tanks, the supports typical began to stay behind and that led to the search for a new style. Champions like heimerdinger, a mage with damage and wave control ability. But what was not taken into account is the support of Hanwha Life Esports, Kim Jeong-min.”Life» was going to employ Jhin last january 19 in official match to face the Revered Inventor. Joining him in the LEC we had Excel’s Raphaël Crabbé “Targamas” in the opening game against G2 Esports and CLG Faith (CLG’s academy) through Thomas Ryan Thompson “Plux”.

Seeing shooters in this role is not surprising, since it has been seen not long ago as pick goal a Ashe What support. The strength of this Jhin lies in the ability to control and range it grants and its stun power to champions like Heimerfinger and even the ADC that accompanies it if done right. Along with this, the good synergy you have with one of the most powerful shooters currently as Varus it’s perfect.

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