xQc wants to make his own VALORANT team

Some time ago, Disguised Toast revealed his intentions to form his own team of VALORANT. The goal was to access the NA VALORANT Challengers League. Of course, the vast majority thought it was a joke and didn’t expect much from the content creator. Until a few days later he revealed a squad made up of Joshua Nissan.”steelDamion CookXXIF“Joseph Allen”clear“Drake Branley”Exalted» and Amgalan Nemekhbayar «Genghsta«.

This team managed to give a spectacular level that led them to get a place in the NA VALORANT Challengers 2023: Split 1. The competition will start next February 1st and, while the team is still getting to know each other, it seems to be making a good impression in the region.

xQc wants to defeat Disguised Toast with his own team

After seeing the evolution of the Disguised Toast team, Felix Lengyel «xQcHe said live that his goal is to do something similar. Of course, what you really want to do is defeat the roster from the aforementioned Disguised Toast. We already know that xQc doesn’t usually stitch without thread and when he comments that he wants to do something, will find a way to get it.

«I’m going to buy my own team and I’m going to destroy the Disguised Toast roster“said the content creator while playing the game shooter from Riot Games. What surprised everyone is that this comment came without any context. This raises doubts about whether he will really carry it out, although his expression and tone of voice showed that he does want to go all out.

We’ll have to wait, but maybe xQc will back out when he finds out that Disguised Toast players make about $5,000 a month. These numbers shouldn’t be a problem for the content creator, but you never know.

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