Auron thinks he will make a “no pros” edition of Minecraft Extreme

The success of Minecraft Extreme It is being overwhelming, of that there is no doubt. So much so that Auronon more than one occasion, has shown its intention to make more editions in the not too distant future.

However, and as we are seeing in this present edition, the level difference among some of the participants it is quite evident. Now Auron thinks he has found the solution to this problem.

We wanted to give the opportunity to everyone, both pros and people with a lower level. But it is true that we have encountered the problem of unevenness,” she declared.

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“We’ll see how we fix it in future issues. We might do it again Minecraft Extreme but without pros or only with pros, who knows. Both editions can be done,” the content creator dropped.

For now we don’t know if this is a fact or, simply, an idea that is going around Auron’s head, but the truth is that in this way the problems of unevenness between the participants would end.

Even so, for the moment there is still a lot of cloth to cut in the current edition of Minecraft Extreme and we remain pending any information that may come about how the semifinals and the grand final of the series will unfold.

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