AuronPlay wants Minecraft Extreme finalists to have only one life: “That’s what I’m going to propose”

It has not yet reached its final stage, but the remaining competitors of Minecraft Extreme They continue to show their prowess in the competition. For that reason, AuronPlay is thinking about the future and proposed that the finalists have only one life to define the winner.

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However, the decision must go through the team of administrators before being accepted. For now, his followers continue to enjoy the event.

AuronPlay’s proposal

On January 17, it started Minecraft Extreme, the new series that has several of the most famous content creators. Ibai Llanos, TheGrefg, AriGameplays, ElMariana and ElSpreen got together in the event created by Auron Play. The streamers they had to show their skill in the game, which has increased difficulty.

Due to its recent success, the Catalan thought about holding two editions a year. However, some of his followers wanted to know how the final or the plans that are in mind for the finalists. Auron responded to his followers.

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“This is yet to be defined… Don’t pay too much attention to what I am going to tell you. But I, in my opinion, what I am going to propose is that the finalists put everyone a life and they have to kill each other. That’s what I’m going to propose“, explained the streamer.

“Then they need to accept it,” I continue chatting AuronPlay. As you remember, said suggestion must first go through the rest of the the administrators and see if she ends up being accepted by the group.

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