Esland Awards celebrate second edition at the National Auditorium of Mexico

Mexico City, 25 Jan. After its first edition in 2022 in Barcelona, ​​Spain, the Esland Awards (acronym for Spain, Latin America and Andorra) will arrive in Mexico to celebrate its second installment at the National Auditorium in the Mexican capital on January 29.

The awards, which will take place at 12:00 local time (18:00 GMT), are a unique recognition for creators, creators, and communities seeking their place in the world of live entertainment through Twitch, the American streaming platform, where millions of people meet daily via the internet to chat, interact and create their own content.

In a statement issued this Wednesday, the National Auditorium indicated that the gala will have new categories and the presence of the big names in Spanish-speaking streaming, for the first time together in Latin America.

The award ceremony is led and promoted by the famous Spanish streamer TheGrefg, one of the most watched in the world with 10.5 million followers on Twitch.

In addition to 17.8 million subscribers on YouTube, the platform on which he began his journey in content creation in 2012 at the age of 14, uploading videos while playing video games such as Modern Warfare 3, Minecraft and Fortnite.

Originally from Murcia, Spain, David Cánovas Martínez, known as TheGrefg, is one of the main ambassadors of the world of esports, having founded his esports team Team Heretics in 2016.

The “streamer” holds the Guinness record for the most watched broadcast on Twitch, with more than 2.47 million live viewers during a presentation for the video game Fortnite.

Precisely the idea of ​​moving the 2023 Esland Awards to Mexico, pointed out the note, arose from TheGrefg himself, when at the closing of the first edition he promised that in the event of a future delivery, it would be held in Latin America.

In this second edition, 17 categories will be recognized, including Streamer of the Year, Song of the Year, News Coverage of the Year, Event of the Year, Esports Player of the Year, and Revelation Streamer.

In addition, three new categories have been included: Roleplayer of the Year, an award for streamers dedicated to role-playing games; Vtuber of the year, recognition of creators who use a virtual avatar to hide their face on the screen; and Anger of the Year, one of the distinctions most requested by the public.

The nominees for each of the categories were proposed and selected through a vote by Twitch users, who will also be able to define the winners together with a specialized jury.

Among the confirmed guests are the Colombian “streamer” Juan SGuarnizo (9.5 million), who competed last year in the Streamer of the Year category, and the Mexican AriGameplays (5.3 million), one of the most watched Hispanic creators on Twitch; ElMariana (6.1 million), current finalist for Streamer of the Year, and Rivers (2.2 million), candidate for revelation Streamer in this edition.

The musical performance of reggaeton artists Lola Índigo and Jhay Cortez is also confirmed. EFE


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